YouTube Channel: "StreetWiseLA"

Influenced by the Occupy Wall Street movement we at StreetWiseLA aim to bring our audience a different point of view, stories that are not being told by mainstream media. In recent years the power of a camera and social media has grown exponentially to bring light to injustices in our society. We aim to take that to the next level. Empowering our staff to strive for more. Follow us on our journey to the top. 



Amos and Kemal met at Pershing Square soon after OccupyLA was evicted from the front lawn of City Hall. At the time, Kemal had been exclusively riding a bike around the streets of Los Angeles. This opened his eyes to how bustling the streets of LA could be and in turn he began carrying a small handheld camera with him everywhere he went to capture these moments. During this time, Amos was unhoused and would pitch a tent every night in front of the Central City Association of Los Angeles as a constant protest against the hired security guards they had patrolling the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Not exactly knowing what would happen, Kemal gave Amos a small handheld camera with simple instructions to film whatever he liked, and with that StreetWiseLA was born. 

Through the creation of StreetWiseLA and the wonderful people Amos and Kemal have met along the way (shout out to Lisa, Richard, and Kim), Amos has gone from living on the streets to getting housing in the Skid Row Neighborhood. We aim to do the same for others struggling with homelessness and show how much power a camera and social media can have in a person's life. We hope to help people experiencing homelessness find their voice in society and realize their true potential and power.